I was experiencing chronic pain in both wrists due to over exertion from painting.  My wrists were so weak I could not hold on to a lightweight object.  An orthopedic physician diagnosed me with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  The recommendation was surgery.  I was aware that Carpal Tunnel Surgery was not always successful and there was a risk of scar tissue causing more issues in future years.  I obtained a consultation from the Acupuncture Center and was informed that they had seen great success in treating this condition.  I proceeded with the treatment and within a couple of weeks, my wrists regained strength and the pain was gone.  I am so blessed that my daughter led me to the Acupuncture Center and that I did not have to undergo painful surgery.


Susan C.
Overland Park, KS
On January 20, 2012, two days before my 65th birthday I was stricken with Bell's Palsys on the left side of my face, most noticeably the left eye. It was a frightening experience, to say the least. I sought medical attention and was informed by the ER Doctor that if I didn't take large doses of Prednisone, my face would be permanently twisted. I also saw an eye doctor because my left eye was involved.  I am a Bioactivist, which means that I promote healthy healing without the harmful side effects of prescription medications. I know the harmful side effects of Prednisone and elected to use alternative methods instead. I made an appointment with Dr. Kim in her Omaha Clinic and after only 2 visits ( I had a total for this issue) there was great improvement.  On my return visit to the eye doctor one week later, he was so amazed at my progress that he called in the residents that had seen me that day to observe the progress as well.
To date there are no visible signs of the Bell's Palsys and I am grateful to Dr. Kim for her excellent care!
Sharon B.
Omaha, NE


Testimonial #2
I was experiencing excruciating pain in my neck and shoulder.  The pain was so horrible I could hardly talk.  Every small breath I took sent unbearable pain throughout the upper left side of body.  I was forced to leave work and go to an urgent care center.  The physician informed me he did not know what was wrong and strongly advised me to immediately go to the closest emergency room for tests.  I was reluctant because I did have health insurance.  I went anyway.  The ER personnel informed me my bill would start at $2,000.00 but the hospital would work with me to make payments.  The pain had decreased and I decided to go home.  I contacted the Acupuncture Center and after one treatment I was able to return to work with minor pain.  After the second treatment, my pain was 90% improved.  Acupuncture Center will continue to be my number one choice for pain management because it works without having a bleeding stomach from anti-inflammatory drugs, having to do physical therapy or getting surgery that may not work.     
Susan C.
Overland Park, KS 




Dr. Yoo began treating me before my second round of chemo.  This round (8 treatmentswent much better! I continue treatment every week to keep the side-effects of continuing medication at bay. They are miracle workers!
Omaha, NE



After several years of doctor visits and powerful antibiotics my sinus problems were no betterAfter two treatments I felt better and have been much better.  Ithas been six months and I still feel great!
Mark H.

Omaha, NE




I came to the Acupuncture Center as a last resort. I have had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for as long as I can remember. I always have to come prepared and make sure I know where restrooms are locatred at. I have missed so much in my life. My social life was non existant, my excercise was limited to my home, and even grocery shopping I felt was limited. Then I met Dr. Kim Yoo. She saved my life! For the first time in my life I don't live in fear. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs works like a miricle. I cannot thank Dr. Yoo enough for what she has done. God Bless her...
Praire Village, KS
Dr. Yoo is great!  After every session I feel like I can take on the world!
I have been patients of both the Yoo's since 2009.  My previous doctor moved away and I was more than a little concerned that I wouldn't find a good acupuncturist,but much to my surprise I not only found one but two great acupuncturists!! What a great deal!!!
Blue Springs, MO
Greatgreat!  Neck pain is disappeared after one visit so am back for the second!  I feel that not just anyone in the field of acupuncture would be as effectivebut it is their technique and knowledge that makes this procedure so effective!
Olathe, KS
Omaha, NE
have been coming in for about nine months when needed.  I was apprehensive at first and now I can't wait to come!  It has improved my overall health tremendouslyMy attitude and mental health is wonderful!I actually had a slip on the ice this winter with a knee injury and Dr. Yoo completely relieved it in two treatments!! AMAZING!
Shawn B
Olathe, KS


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